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TRIUS – House of Engineering everything under one roof when it comes to technology.

As an engineering firm, we implement challenging projects, both at our office in Zoetermeer and in-house at our clients. TRIUS takes a result obligation with clear milestones and/or makes knowledge and expertise available. With this unique combination, we are also happy to take project responsibility. Challenging for our Engineers, unburdening for our clients.

Let your technical expertise find the best way without misstep.

TRIUS HOUSE of Engineering

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After a 5-year career at a large technical corporate, I was looking for a new challenge. During an extensive conversation, TRIUS helped me realize that a small Dutch specialist could offer exactly what I was looking for. After 3 extensive conversations I took the step from my permanent job.Didn't regret a single day.

PieterLead Engineer E, Bsc.

As a 56-year-old technical specialist, I didn't think I would soon find a new job after a reorganization dismissal. TRIUS had another opinion. Within 4 weeks I was able to continue my career. TRIUS looks at possibilities and take expertise as a basis. I feel greatly appreciated.

JorisSenior Process Engineer, Bsc. & Msc.

I could choose from two different employment offers as TRIUS contacted me for a third opportunity.This turned out the best one: The technical challenge as well as the cultural fit. They also helped me with my tax-ruling as a knowledge worker from inside the EU.

KendrickSnr. Control Engineer, Msc.

In my limited 24-hour availability and highly specialized experience, TRIUS immediately saw the perfect match. After two interviews, TRIUS became my new employer. What a great network; I would never have found this myself.

PetraConsultant Infrastructure, Msc.

After graduating as a Msc. Mechanical Engineering, I couldn't make a good choice for my first job. The joboffers were too overwhelming. The click with the TRIUS Branche Specialist was very good and we discovered 3 of his proposed projects. From that I finally made my choice for a workenvironment that I had never thought of. I am very happy with my new colleagues and the content of the work.

SanderJunior Mechanical Engineer, Bsc.

After I had put my resume online, I was got targeted by agencies which wanted to have a 'cup of coffee' with me. Only TRIUS was both critically and sincerely interested in me as a person and in my career. In the end I found a new job myself. TRIUS is now my trusted businesspartner when it comes to finding the right people for my new team.

HansTeamleader Engineering, Bsc.

Within two weeks, I signed my first contract with TRIUS - House of Engineering, to start as a Real Estate Specialist.
A team of dedicated recruiters and specialists knows to embrace when dealing with ambitious and resourceful clients. TRIUS means next-level secondment

ChrisReal Estate Specialist

I had indicated on LinkedIn that I was available for work. Through my connection on LinkedIn with Michael, TRIUS contacted me to come and talk. The conversation at TRIUS was very relaxed. You quickly feel at ease and they are down-to-earth. After that it went very fast! TRIUS knows how to switch quickly and has a good network.

AxelTechnical Superintendent

After TRIUS first helped me to get started as a self-employed person (because that is also possible at TRIUS), I again felt the need for permanent employment. TRIUS also played a role in this! As a result, I already have a long relationship with TRIUS. People with experience work here, always pleasant to work with, they communicate clearly and are straightforward.

VincentProject Engineer

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