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Senior / Lead Mechanical Engineer

South Holland region

What will be your responsibilities?


  • Designing mechanical systems
  • You assess the feasibility of proposed mechanical designs by analyzing technical specifications, performance requirements, and budget constraints
  • Creating technical documentation such as engineering drawings, specifications, and reports to ensure accurate and detailed information is available for fabrication and assembly
  • Collaboration with other departments: You would work closely with other departments, such as electrical engineering, structural engineering, and naval architecture, to ensure cohesive integration of mechanical systems with other ship systems
  • Liaising with clients and suppliers
  • Ensuring that all mechanical designs and systems comply with relevant industry standards, regulations, and quality assurance protocols

What is your talent?

  • Bachelor or Master degree or equivalent experience in mechanical engineering and marine technology
  • 5+ years of working experience in mechanical engineering and marine technology
  • Ability to create 2D or 3D technical drawings and system schemas and Experience with retrofitting
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to work with deadlines
  • Perfect communication skills in English, both written, and verbal. Dutch is a big plus
  • Willing to train / coach juniors and mediors

Where will you be working?

With a wide range of services TRIUS House of Engineering relieves technically oriented organizations. Not only with knowledge and expertise, but also by taking on projects and executing them at our office and under our responsibility. This means that we employ engineers who are willing to take on result commitments and can live up to the trust given by our customers in a professional and pleasant manner. Not only when they work at the customer’s site, but also when they are physically at our office in Zoetermeer. This requires flexibility from our engineers and this is dictated by the passion they feel for their work.

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    Michael von Eckardstein