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Project Engineer Offshore

South Holland

What will be your responsibility?

  • You will contribute to the tender, preparation and execution phases of the projects
  • You have a key role in coordinating works related to engineering preparations on the project to ensure that quality will be delivered
  • Reviewing project planning, detailed planning and working methods, so that the project can be realized efficiently and effectively in accordance with the contractual agreements (safety, quality, planning and budget)
  • Bridge between internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the right working methods, employees and equipment are available when needed
  • Selection and leading sub-contractors
  • Identify and report deviations from the contract and take appropriate measures when needed

What will you bring?

  • As a minimum a bachelor’s degree in a technical field, preferably mechanical, maritime or civil engineering, offshore engineering master’s degree preferred
  • At least 4 years of working experience in a project environment involving transportation and installation of bottom foundation structures offshore
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with similar works, with experience as a discipline engineer
  • Willing to travel for the purpose of the project. Depending on the project this may be on an adhoc basis or on a rotation scheme to project locations abroad
  • A good command of written and spoken English
  • Willingness to share your knowledge and train junior colleagues

Where are you going to work?

Our client is about creating new horizons and sustainable solutions. In a world where population growth, increase of global trade, demand for (new) energy and climate change are driving forces, we challenge you to make your mark in finding innovative and relevant solutions for complex infrastructural and marine projects.  

It is a vibrant company culture you will be working as part of a diverse, international team of experts. 


TRIUS House of engineering

Trius has built a warm and long-term relationship with this client and we can tell in all openness and honesty how things are going internally and which interests are at stake. If it turns out that this role suits you, we are uniquely able to ensure that you are introduced in the right way and at the right level. We guide the recruitment process and support you where necessary during the application procedure, with the aim of achieving the best result together with you. An employment contract with this fantastic employer, including the correct terms and conditions.

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    Jason Megens