Application Process

From the first acquaintance to a conversation about the assignment - Always a professional process at TRIUS.

First acquaintance

You apply yourself or are approached by our Branche Specialist or Corporate Recruiter. In both cases we will speak to you by telephone first. That is an open dialogue about your knowledge and skills, your ambitions and your wishes. This is followed by honest advice. It is important that in this initial phase we both see the value of a personal acquaintance. In that case, this is preferably at our office. There may also be reasons for you to do this elsewhere on location or via Skype.

Personal interview

And we mean that literally. It’s about getting to know each other well as individuals. This is where our added value comes in. Your and our success in your next job depends on it. We will of course also discuss the content of your curriculum vitae. In doing so, we take a detailed look at how and why you made certain choices. If these are congruent with your wishes and ambitions and those of TRIUS, we will take the next step. But only if you want to!

Internal deliberation

After the first meeting, we evaluate the possibilities internally with the team of Branch Specialists that suit your knowledge, skills, ambitions and wishes. The so-called cultural fit also plays an important role. It is possible that you will first gain insight into the current projects or that you will be invited for a second interview with our Director Engineering.

Meeting about the assignment and terms of employment

Once we have found the (initial) project that you want to work on, we will discuss it. In preparation for this, you will receive all the background information we have about, among other things, the project reason, the environment in which the meeting takes place and all the things you can expect. You also get tips about subjects what you need to prepare yourself for. Your Branche Specialist will be your advisor. We also take a closer look at your terms of employment. Ultimately, we make the decision together.

Next step…

No application procedure is the same. Another meeting or a tour around the office can follow. Ultimately, a successful application procedure will result in an employment contract. That will be after all interests have been satisfactorily served.


About 95% of the projects are positively assessed by our customers. You are probably still working satisfactorily after 3 years; about 84% of our employees do that.

Have a look at all our opportunities.

We look forward to receiving your application.