We are Proud of TRIUS

and our core values.

This is who we are:

Working from knowledge and skills. Taking responsibility. Having an eye for the interests of the other. Equality to applicant, employees and customers. Working based on mutual respect.

Keep your word and live up to promises. Pro-active and enterprising.

Our values


Qualified employees of TRIUS fullfil engineering assignments. Making a positive contribution to the growth of our clients. TRIUS is a certified company. Well-defined processes and working methods nevertheless leave room for creativity. This makes it possible to optimize our services according to customer requirements.


As result of a very strong focus on simultaneous representation of the interests of all parties involved. We are able to do this by knowing them well and by acting as subservient and equal to them.


We have the intrinsic belief that our activities make a significant contribution to the development of the technical professionals. This in itself means we have an important role in their lives regarding shaping their careers. That gives us responsibility and we act on that.

our experienced colleagues

Meet the team of TRIUS

Jesse van Lierop

Branche Specialist Marine&Offshore

Jeroen Lodewijks

Director Engineering / CTO

In addition to my job as Director of Engineering, I spend quite a bit of free time on my chairmanship for the youth devision at svDSO football club. Why only stand along the line as a football father, when you can also contribute something to an amateur association? I think it's great to have about 750 children play football every season with a team of volunteers.
In addition, as a proud father, every weekend (if possible) I watch my son's football game and my daughter's hockey game. It's nice to see that you can only win with cooperation. Teamwork is key! Let everyone's specific quality blossom and create a close-knit team.
Furthermore, I think it is important to sit together with the family, relatives or friends during the weekend with a snack and a drink. Great to bring back old memories! It is not always a matter of running ahead, but sometimes also stopping to oversee everything and enjoy it.
My life motto is: “Do what you say and say what you do”

Jason Megens

Senior Corporate Recruiter

We have recently moved to a more spacious house so that a lot of time is spent in and around the house. At the moment the big challenge is the pond into which life has to be pumped, both literally and figuratively. I love coming home to an oasis of calm instead of being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, which I have had so far.
Another great passion is our boat, a nice cabin sailboat with which I of course regularly go out on the water to sail, but also just as often for a job. It is a wooden boat so there is always something to repair or at least preventive maintenance.
In terms of sports (golf) I still surf quite often, both on the Dutch coast and abroad, this can be towards the Bay of Biscay, but also at one of the beautiful spots in Indonesia. I also play tennis weekly at Kampong in the always beautiful Utrecht and I am picking up an old passion, Golf, again.
In business terms, I could not do without people, on the one hand my colleagues with whom I spar every day and on the other hand the many people who want to make happy with a nice step in their career. Both give me the energy to be even better the next day than the day before.

Michael von Eckardstein

Managing Partner / COO

I spend most of my free time with my family and I do a lot of D-I-Y around the house. Our garden needs a lot of attention and there is nothing more beautiful than to work in the garden and at the same time see our three children romping outside with friends from the neighborhood. As far as we are concerned, that is one of the advantages of living outside the city.

I also have a great passion for everything that moves motorized on four wheels. I am especially interested in cars from the 80s and 90s. I also like to make time for running in the polders between Zoetermeer and Leiden.

The business horizon has now also been defined and at TRIUS the opportunity to work towards this and to further develop a great company come together in a pleasant way.

Laurent Goedhuys


Mark Bol Raap

Founding Partner / CEO

Founded TRIUS in 2003. I am autodidact in the field of technology. Great passion for Spanish culture, youngtimers and connecting people. Love search for the nuance with a no-nonsense mentality. Sport: Formula 1. Motto: Can do! Never give up. Search for what is possible. A deal is a deal. I stand for the quality and sincerity of our services. You can always wake me up for a day at the track or a good dinner.

Brigitte Holdert

Finance & Administration

In the summer of 2007, Mark Bol Raap approached me with the question whether I would join his team at TRIUS in the administrative area. I did and to this day, with great pleasure!
At home I am always occupied by our family with 4 children, I like to socialize with friends, go shopping, I love a house full of friends or family, I like to play volleyball every week and I can be found regularly on the tennis court.
Because 3 out of 4 children have a great passion for hockey, I have been active as treasurer of the local hockey association for over a year now. Quite a responsibility, but also one that gives energy.

Igor Martincic

Mobilisation Engineer




Branche Specialist